Field Trip: Unknown Mortal Orchestra at Paper Tiger (San Antonio)

Unknown Mortal Orchestra | Paper Tiger 2.6.16

Unknown Mortal Orchestra have made their way to Texas over the last few nights touring in support of their phenomenal third album Multi Love. The album was one of the best releases of 2015 and seeing their current music performed live showcases what a powerful live act the group has become. Multi Love definitely has the psych rock elements the band has been known for but is definitely filled with elements of soul that could be easily compared to early Stevie Wonder. They opened strong with "Like Acid Rain" and as the the band worked through earlier material you could definitely see their current style influencing older tracks which was a very welcome surprise. Frontman Ruban Nielson was in good spirits throughout the night playfully challenging the crowds enthusiasm to the bands show the night before in El Paso. The San Antonio crowd was up to the challenge and got wilder as the night progressed. 

UMO frontman Ruban Nielson challenges crowds enthusiasm.

They closed the set with "Multi Love" which earned a strong sing along with bonus cheers from Texans in the know when the lyrics referenced Austin landmark Uchiko. They left the stage for a brief moment before returning for the encore and performing "Necessary Evil"  and then officially closing the night with "Can't Keep Checking My Phone" and turning Paper Tiger into a full on dance party.  The group has been going into such an interesting direction which each new release while not necessarily outdoing the previous work, but challenging it and themselves as musicians. It will be exciting to see where they go next. 

The Openers: Lower Dens

Lower Dens

Lower Dens could easily be interchangeable as headliners on this bill and that's what makes this such a special tour. The band opened confidently and performed standout tracks from their latest Escape From Evil including "To Die In LA" and "Ondine" while slowly winning over night crowd as the night progressed. The closed out with a bold and powerful acapella.  

Lower Den's Jana Hunter

Lower Den's Jana Hunter

Note: It should be mentioned that Lower Dens had both their van and equipment stolen after the show in San Antonio. If you have any information or want to help out in any way you can do so [HERE]. The van was a dark blue Ford Econoline with Maryland license plates (5CF854).

UPDATE: 2.8.16 - The van has been found. On Facebook they posted: "Some gear and all our laptops are missing, and the van is broken, but we'll be able to make the rest of the shows. Thanks so much to everyone for the support!!!!"

A full album from the show can be found [HERE]